Blog Posts High-Volume Ecommerce Fulfillment for IPSY

Key Takeaways

  • IPSY members often order beauty products online in addition to their monthly subscriptions.
  • Carefully designed processes help to ensure accurate and efficient fulfillment.
  • A detailed video outlines the fulfillment process.

IPSY is well known for its popular monthly beauty subscriptions, but members can also purchase items from the company’s online store. Supporting multiple sales channels increases the complexity of the order fulfillment process. Fortunately, IPSY and Saddle Creek Logistics have perfected the fulfillment process, as the video below helps to illustrate.

Processing Online Orders

To fill the high-volume ecommerce orders, Saddle Creek associates use handheld RF devices to guide the cart-picking process. They scan the position for each item and place products in bins labeled with barcodes for each order.

The team also accommodates ecommerce add-ons for subscription orders via efficient work cells. The system directs associates to pick the correct items and quantities from hundreds of SKUs.

When IPSY offers flash or pop-up sales, daily ecommerce order volume spikes. Scalable labor and pick-to-light work cells help to accommodate the influx.

To ensure quality and accuracy, Saddle Creek regularly conducts quality inspections, pulling orders at random and visually verifying the contents.

For an inside look at the complex fulfillment process, watch the video.



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