Blog Posts Greener Logistics with Compressed Natural Gas

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Interested in finding new ways to support your corporate sustainability program? We can help. At Saddle Creek, we’re committed to finding creative logistics solutions that reduce our carbon footprint – and our customers’.

As an integrated 3PL, we offer a full range of services nationwide, including warehousing, transportation, packaging and fulfillment. We continually seek out opportunities to incorporate green initiatives throughout our operations. Examples include:

• Our for-hire fleet includes more than 100 trucks that run on compressed natural gas (CNG), one of the cleanest-burning alternative fuel options available with near-zero emissions.

• We help customers to minimize their carbon footprint by strategically positioning distribution centers to minimize transportation requirements.

• Our transportation division is a SmartWay Transportation Partner.

• We’ve added trailer skirts to make tractors more aerodynamic, use low-resistance tires, and optimize vehicle performance with PeopleNet software.

• We’ve decreased electricity, water and fuel consumption across all of our facilities nationwide, and we recycle thousands of pounds of materials each year.

• We have invested heavily in energy-efficient fluorescent lighting throughout our distribution network.

• We carefully consider the environmental impact of new facilities such as our 304,000 square-foot LEED-certified distribution center in Charlotte, N.C.

Want to learn more about CNG? Download our whitepaper: Leveraging CNG to Support Corporate Sustainability Goals

Let’s work together to decrease our environmental footprint. Contact us or call 866/668-0966 for more information. To learn more, download our CNG flyer.