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In February 2014, we made the first-ever, cross-country trip with a for-hire Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) truck – traveling from Lakeland, FL, to San Diego.

Our CNG fleet has already travelled 15 million miles on CNG in support of our customers, but this was our first trek coast-to-coast!  On our travels, we made deliveries for two of our top CNG customers:  Procter & Gamble and Lowe’s.  We also:

  • Traveled 5,800 miles round-trip
  • Saved 7,656 pounds of carbon
  • Equal to recycling 100,000 plastic bottles

See details from our Driver’s Log (see below) along with our posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

We’d welcome a chance to explore how our environmentally friendly solutions can support your corporate sustainability program.  To schedule a meeting, please email us or call us at 888-878-1177.

Follow our cross-country journey.  As our driver made his way to San Diego and back, we tracked his progress on our website and social media.

Driver’s Log:  Robert Chinnici

Mar 4 – Tuesday – Returning Home!

We just delivered our Lowe’s load in Kissimmee, FL and made it back to Lakeland.  It sure is good to be home again!

It was quite a surprise to be greeted by a large crowd of Saddle Creek associates and to be presented with a delicious Great American Green Ride cake.  We wrapped it all up by viewing pictures and the video and telling “on the road” stories.

We’ll sure enjoy sleeping in our own bed tonight!  Thanks for following our journey.

Mar 3 – Monday

We’re in Mississippi today and the weather is in the high 50’s.  Much better than the icy conditions of yesterday!  We spent the night in Alexandria, LA and plan on stopping in Lake City, FL tonight. We will make our Lowe’s delivery tomorrow afternoon and then we’re homeward bound!

Mar 2 – Sunday

We are still in Texas and woke to a complete surprise this morning.  When we stopped last night it was 70 degrees and 19 degrees this morning.  The truck doors were frozen shut and there was ice on the bridges.  We complied with advisories and delayed our start by a few hours.  Now it is raining ice and there are icicles hanging off the bottom of the truck.  We are planning on making it to Alexander, LA and it is supposed to be warmer there. The truck is running great even in the cold weather.

Mar 1 – Saturday

The desert scenery in Texas is beautiful.  The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking.  We are about an hour from Abilene and will stop for the night.  It’s been a long day which started at 3 am so we are ready for a hot meal and a good night’s sleep.  The weather and traffic have still been good.

Feb 28 – Friday

We made it to New Mexico and are fueling up. The process at this station is a little slower than we anticipated but we’ll be ready to get back on the road soon.  As we’ve mentioned before, not all pumps were designed with trucks in mind.

Feb 27 – Thursday

We are getting back into the rhythm of being on the road again.  Having a few days for sightseeing was great…but there is truly no place like home!

We made it to the California/Arizona border yesterday.  Currently we are in Phoenix, AZ and hope to make it to Deming, NM tonight.  Traffic has been good and we appear to be driving ahead of a front which we are thankful to miss.

Feb 26 – Wednesday

It’s time to head back to Florida!  RILA was a great success and we heard lots of positive things about the truck and our CNG fleet.

The truck is ready to go and we’re on our way to pick up our return load from Lowe’s.

 Feb 25 – Tuesday

This is our last day at RILA.  We’ve enjoyed meeting so many great people at our booth and it was fun to show off the truck.

Tomorrow we head out to pick up our Lowe’s load and start back to Florida.  It’s been great to relax and enjoy our time in San Diego.

 Feb 24 – Monday

It’s RILA time!  The truck is in place and we have our booth ready for visitors. We’d love to have you stop by to say hi…Booth SS4.  We have prepared an interesting video about our Great American Green Ride.

 Feb 23 – Sunday

Today is all about setting up for the RILA show.  We are getting the truck in place in our display area and meeting the Saddle Creek sales team to assist them with anything they need.

The truck received a much needed cleanup.  The detailers did a meticulous job and it looks great.

The show begins tomorrow.  Please stop by and say hi if you are here.

 Feb 22 – Saturday

It’s our last relaxation day before the RILA preps begin. The truck is being detailed and tomorrow it will be placed inside the convention center.

We took advantage of the down time by doing some sightseeing and eating some great food.  Our travels took us to Old Town and we had a great day.

 Feb 21 – Friday

It’s nice to have a day off!  We are staying at a hotel connected with the convention center and this place is huge!  Here’s an idea of what we’re seeing.

We just picked up a rental car and are planning on visiting the zoo and the USS Midway Museum.  We are staying close to the Gaslamp Quarter so there are plenty of great restaurants.

Truck detailing begins later today and will be finished tomorrow.  Then it will be sparkling clean for the RILA display.

 Feb 20 – Thursday

We dropped off our Procter & Gamble load this morning at their Oxnard facility. What a good feeling that was!

Now we are headed to the Saddle Creek facility before we go to our hotel and settle in.  Then we are going to squeeze in a little sightseeing before we begin our RILA preps.  The weather is absolutely beautiful!

 Feb 19 – Wednesday

Well, we are almost to our destination of Oxnard, CA to drop off our Procter & Gamble load.  It has been a great trip with beautiful weather.  Other than a few fuel stops that took longer than anticipated (the stations are built primarily for CNG cars), it has been uneventful.  After we make our delivery, it will be time to get the truck ready for RILA.  Then we have many things to do before we head back with a load for Lowe’s.

Feb 18 – Tuesday

We continue to roll through some absolutely beautiful scenery.  We are in Tucson, AZ and headed to Phoenix.  There is a possibility we might make it to California by tonight.

Last night was spent in Deming, NM.  After settling into our hotel, we walked a block to a Mexican restaurant and had a delicious (and filling!) meal.

The weather has been good and we might even make it to our final destination ahead of time.

 Feb 17 – Monday

This afternoon we are in Fort Hancock, TX…about 50 miles from El Paso. There’s not a lot to see but some beautiful hills and mountains. 

We stayed in Sweetwater, TX last night and are expecting to make it to New Mexico before we stop.  We’ve traveled 1,796 miles and it’s still smooth traveling!

 Feb 16 – Sunday

We are in Dallas, TX and headed to a fuel stop.  Our plan is to make it to Midland tonight.  The trip has been smooth so far.

Last night we stopped in Monroe, LA about 8 pm.  There was some type of youth sports event going on and we had a hard time finding a room.  We finally got the last room at the Marriott.  Then finding dinner was another challenge!  All the restaurants had a long wait so we ended up eating at the food court at the mall.  I brought my wife with me and we still had to go to the mall!

Feb 15 – Saturday

Here’s what’s new since yesterday: we got fuel in Valdosta, GA at a Langdale station…it was very easy to get in and out of. Then we were back on the road to Albany, GA to P&G to pick up a load. Once we were back on the road we were headed to Evergreen, Alabama for fuel. Made it to Andalusia about 22 minutes shy of our goal. So we stopped at a Comfort Inn for the night and walked to BBQ for dinner. We had loaded potatoes loaded with pork on top of the potatoes and fried pickles it was really good.

Today we are headed to Mississippi. So far we’ve traveled 620 miles.

Feb 14 – Friday

I’m ready to hit the road on The Great American Green Ride!  Good-bye Lakeland…hello San Diego!  But first I will pick up a load for one of our top CNG customers:  Procter & Gamble.

Feb 13 – Thursday

Getting ready for departure!  The truck is ready and I’m looking forward to a good night’s rest before getting on the road tomorrow.  My wife Leigh is joining me.  I hope you’ll join us in our journey!

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