Blog Posts Fulfillment Outsourcing Helps Subscription Box Companies Deliver

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Forbes says it’s “one of the fastest growing trends in the start-up world.” The New York Times calls it “the latest consumer craze.” There’s no denying the popularity of subscription box services. The challenge for subscription box companies is to deliver on an on-going basis. The grueling grind of managing inventory, fulfilling orders and coordinating transportation can be difficult to sustain.

Struggling to keep the momentum going for your subscription box business? Partnering with a third-party fulfillment provider could be just the solution you’re looking for. Advantages include:

Scalability. As demand grows for your boxes, you need to be able to ramp up production quickly. A 3PL has the resources to add production lines and manpower as needed and provide flexible space to accommodate your expanding inventory.

Customization. Personalization is key to the success of curated subscription services. However, customizing orders on a monthly basis can be extremely labor intensive. Outsourcing this function helps to streamline operations and allows you to keep your focus on critical business objectives.

Freight optimization. Shipping costs are typically second only to production costs in eating away at slim profit margins. Leveraging the extensive freight relationships of a 3PL can help to drive down transportation costs – and improve service levels.

At Saddle Creek, we understand the unique needs of subscription box companies and provide custom fulfillment solutions to handle everything from beauty products to gourmet foods to records of the month.

See how we help ipsy deliver curated beauty product “Glam Bags” to its fast-growing subscriber base every month. Watch the video.