Blog Posts Fulfillment and Logistics Support Business Growth for The Honest Kitchen

Business success often poses new supply chain problems – scaling for growth, establishing an optimal distribution network, finding more sophisticated systems… Fortunately, The Honest Kitchen has those challenges covered for its growing brand of all-natural, food-grade pet food.

For more than a decade, Saddle Creek has been providing the fulfillment and logistics support necessary to help The Honest Kitchen build and expand its national brand. Jake Fuller, Vice President of Operations at The Honest Kitchen, recently talked about the value of this strategic relationship with Logistics Management.

Following is an excerpt from the article…

Managing a Supply Chain through Omni-Channel Growth

“As our supply chain became more developed and sophisticated,” says Fuller, “we’ve been leveraging Saddle Creek’s systems—including its WMS and OMS—to build out an automated system that supports our omni-channel environment.” Fuller sees the 3PL’s technology offering as particularly important for The Honest Kitchen, which “doesn’t necessarily have the internal resources to go out and develop the technology that we ultimately need to successfully optimize and drive our business.”

Saddle Creek also houses inventory for The Honest Kitchen and ensures accurate, fast shipments across the manufacturer’s omni-channel network. Over the years, Fuller says that the 3PL has helped to explore a variety of network configurations to maximize efficiency. With exponential growth on the horizon, Fuller says the company is in active discussions with Saddle Creek about adding facilities in other locations to further improve speed to market.

“We rely heavily on Saddle Creek to help us scale up as our company continues to grow,” says Fuller. “They have the systems, processes and infrastructure in place to support our current needs and adapt very quickly as our needs change.”

Since B2B and B2C orders require a completely different approach, Fuller says Saddle Creek’s ability to handle both pallets and single orders for individual customers gives The Honest Kitchen an advantage in the omni-channel marketplace that it serves. “Saddle Creek delivers a significant return on investment (ROI) for us by providing a level of trust and scalability that supports all of the channels that we’re working with on a daily basis,” says Fuller.

To learn more about how Saddle Creek is helping The Honest Kitchen to support omni-channel growth, read the article on page 10 in the digital issue of Logistics Management.