Blog Posts Founder’s Values Help to Chart Saddle Creek’s Course in Crisis

An Open Letter to Saddle Creek Associates, Clients and Partners

In recent weeks, the impact of the coronavirus has reached a magnitude that no one could have expected, affecting virtually every person on the planet. While you can never be 100 percent prepared for a situation like this, Saddle Creek stands ready to handle whatever lies ahead because we have built a solid foundation based on a clearly defined set of core values.

When company founder David Lyons and the management team identified these values years ago, they emphasized that they must be words to live by on a daily basis. I’m proud to report that I have witnessed every single one of these long-standing principles play out at our facilities nationwide in the past few weeks.

Mr. Lyons passed away in 2015, but his legacy lives on. As we celebrate Founders’ Day at Saddle Creek today, viewing our operations through the lens of the values he set forth might help to shed light on our path forward together.

We Deliver Excellence in Service

For more than 50 years, we’ve taken great pride in doing Whatever It Takes! to support our clients. In the current environment, our commitment to excellence has never been more important. Our operations play a vital role in supporting American families as we help to deliver essential goods.

We do not take this responsibility lightly. We are taking all possible measures to safely maintain operations and continue distributing the products consumers need. Upholding our high standard of service is crucial to the overall health of our country and our economy.

We Respect the Individual

Achieving service excellence requires the collective effort of our more than 4,000 associates across the country. We value each of these individuals and believe in treating them with dignity and respect. Their health and well-being is our top concern.

To ensure their safety, we’re following the guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Safety and good hygiene are always a top priority at our facilities, but we’ve implemented additional preventive measures to ensure the highest possible standards and encouraged associates to work from home where responsibilities allow.

We Promote Performance and Accountability

Over the years, Saddle Creek’s strategy for success has been to build a talented team, establish shared goals and empower associates at every level to approach those goals with creativity and fresh ideas. That approach has proven particularly effective in the current crisis.

All our associates recognize the need to step up, and they have embraced that responsibility. Our management team provides direction and gives them the freedom to act. With the situation continuously evolving, associates at each of our facilities across the country are able to determine the best course of action and make the decisions necessary to move forward efficiently and effectively.

We Foster a Supportive Work Environment

Associates often say Saddle Creek feels like family. Our supportive corporate culture is particularly evident as we all work together to find solutions.

Facility leaders and the management team share ideas and best practices with regular meetings. Associates working from home have the ability to log in and work within our systems to provide support. Our Lean and Safety teams have been working around the clock to identify opportunities to further enhance our safety efforts, and they have already incorporated new best practices.

We Behave with Integrity

We will always do the right thing. That includes doing everything in our power to keep our associates, clients, suppliers and communities safe. We will follow every guideline outlined by the CDC and other government entities. Every action we take must be one of which we can be proud.

It is because we all have lived these values in the days, weeks and years leading up to this pandemic, that we are uniquely prepared to rally together during these troubled times.

We are extremely grateful to all our associates across the country for bringing these values to life – especially our truck drivers and warehouse associates who have been on the front lines on a daily basis.

In the days and months ahead, I’m confident that our core convictions will continue to guide us as we navigate uncharted waters. I look forward to working together with associates, clients and industry partners to help America to overcome this current challenge… Whatever It Takes!

Mark Cabrera, CEO
Saddle Creek Logistics Services