Blog Posts DC Network Puts Sparkling Ice® in Position to Lead Sparkling Water Category

Sparkling Ice® is the number one brand in the sparkling water category. Just last week, the brand reported record Q1 sales of $123.7 million – up 22.3 percent in volume from the same period in 2018.

Sparkling Ice is produced by Talking Rain Beverage Company, a fixture in the Seattle area since 1987. Business really took off in 2010 when the company focused efforts on its Sparkling Ice product line. Sales soared.

The brand’s overnight success demanded a supply chain overhaul. Rapid growth strained Talking Rain’s limited distribution network, and dramatic seasonal fluctuations made it challenging to accommodate space needs. The company recognized an immediate need for a scalable solution on a national level and turned to Saddle Creek Logistics Services for help.

3PL Helps to Expand Company Footprint

Saddle Creek played a key role in configuring the distribution network for Talking Rain, supporting the company’s expansion to a national footprint. The 3PL identified strategic locations across the country that put the beverage producer’s inventory close to end customers, optimized transportation costs and drove service level excellence.

The new network helped Talking Rain to improve inventory visibility, support postponement strategies and streamline its supply chain, laying the groundwork for the company’s continued growth and innovation.

Saddle Creek executed the reconfiguration in less than six months. Today, the 3PL manages more than 700,000 square feet of food-grade warehouse space.

To learn more about the critical role DC network optimization plays in effective supply chain management, read our whitepaper.