Blog Posts Continuous Improvement Makes Lasting Impact at G3 Enterprises

Wine may get better with age, but for G3 Enterprises, a leading logistics provider for the beverage and agriculture industries, an intense commitment to quality also helps. Continuous improvement is an essential aspect of everyday operations for G3 Enterprises and logistics partner, Saddle Creek.

Quality Focus Delivers Results

Broken bottles can be costly and impede productivity. To help prevent them, Saddle Creek has implemented a number of continuous improvement projects at its Jacksonville, Fla., distribution facility.

Over the past two years, the 3PL has incorporated a series of relatively small but strategic changes utilizing Lean Six Sigma methodologies. These adjustments have helped to reduce damage and increase productivity of operations which Saddle Creek manages for G3 Enterprises. The initiatives have resulted in significant cost savings while upholding high standards for customer service.

“We truly value Saddle Creek’s on-going commitment to making our operations more efficient and cost-effective,” says Darren McDonough, G3 Enterprises Logistics Analyst.

To learn more about the projects, read the case study.