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When Humann changed fulfillment providers in 2018, company co-founders Joel and AnnMarie Kocher selected the company that they believed could best accommodate their growth plans. They knew what they were doing.

Five years later, Humann is still growing at a record pace and still partnering with Saddle Creek Logistics. In a new case study, AnnMarie Kocher talks about key factors that have contributed to their successful relationship.

Following is an excerpt…

Win-Win Relationship

“The biggest advantage of working with Saddle Creek is our long-term partnership,” Kocher says. “There are lots of fulfillment solutions out there, but it’s the people at Saddle Creek that make the difference.”

Humann and Saddle Creek have had a strong, collaborative relationship from the start. Both companies have a strong focus on values and are culturally aligned with personal connections at multiple levels of the organizations. They also share an emphasis on employee development, growth, and opportunities.

“The Saddle Creek team really understands our business. If there’s an issue or discrepancy, they notice it and call us,” she explains. “And when we do have issues, their attitude is ‘Let’s figure out a solution,’ rather than ‘It’s not our problem.’ We meet, talk, grow, and figure things out.”

There are lots of fulfillment solutions out there, but it’s the people at Saddle Creek that make the difference.”
~ AnnMarie Kocher, Humann President & Co-Founder

Kocher says great communication is a strength for Saddle Creek.

“I know I can pick up the phone, and I’ll get support in timely manner. They’re very responsive,” she says. “During our start-up, Saddle Creek’s management team even flew in to support us.”

The value of the partnership has been especially evident as of late, Kocher says.

“Recently, with the pandemic and post-pandemic, inflation, labor and supply chain issues, I have really felt that we’re all in it together,” she says. “Saddle Creek’s willingness to share the burden in these challenges has been a huge value.”

To learn how this strong partnership has helped Humann support multiple sales channels, control costs and scale for growth, read the full-length case study.

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