Blog Posts Capitalize on the Value of Cross-Docking

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Cross-docking offers many benefits including:

1.  Increased speed to market – With high turn rates and reduced handling, cross-docking helps to increase efficiency and get products to market faster.
2.  Reduced costs – Cross-docking requires a smaller footprint than traditional warehousing and often utilizes less labor as well.
3.  Improved service levels – Because product is shipped in bulk and picked at the cross-dock, the practice offers great flexibility for changes to orders further down the supply chain.

Saddle Creek has been operating successful cross-docks for more than 30 years.  Our cross-dock customers include a wide range of well-known companies – a Club-store chain, a well-known home improvement retailer, a major national bakery brand and more.

We are always looking for improvements to help make cross-docking an even more effective option for our customers:

  • Wireless technology improvements make it easier to track trailers and improve yard productivity.
  • System enhancements have improved visibility of order tracking.
  • Dock layout enhancements and process improvements allow products to move through our cross-dock operations even faster.

Our new blog explores the benefits of cross-docking in greater detail.  Read it now.

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