Blog Posts Can Value-Added Services Give Your Business a Competitive Edge?

Can Value-Added Services Give Your Business a Competitive Edge?

“Not adding value is the same as taking it away.” This observation by entrepreneur Seth Godin is particularly relevant in today’s logistics environment. Companies must continuously seek out better ways to deliver the optimal customer experience to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

Value-added logistics services can be a valuable competitive differentiator. In recent years, capabilities have expanded beyond display building and rainbow pallets to include everything from embroidery to coupon inserts. Duane Sizemore, Saddle Creek’s senior vice president of marketing and business development, shared his insights about the evolving role of value-added services in the latest issue of Inbound Logistics.

The following is an excerpt from the article . . .

10 Ways to Add Value to Your Supply Chain

Wondering if it’s time to add value to your supply chain? Sizemore examines how value-added services can benefit your business.

  1. Expand product offerings.From building gift baskets to creating twin-packs, value-added services help give your customers more buying choices.
  2. Get products shelf ready.Value-added services such as price marking, tagging, and display building help to streamline the process of getting products on store shelves.
  3. Enhance customization capabilities.Personalization is one of today’s hottest trends. Want to offer a choice of embroidered logos on apparel? Allow customers to choose the face plate for their cellphone? Value-added services can help you deliver.
  4. Manage inventory more efficiently.With the ability to customize products, you’re able to stock fewer SKUs, thereby reducing the cost of carrying and managing inventory.
  5. Reduce the number of suppliers.By asking your existing partners to perform more value-added functions, you can reduce the number of suppliers and streamline your supply chain.

To learn five more ways that value-added services can deliver, read the full article in Inbound Logistics.