Blog Posts Best Practices for Building Your Subscription Box

Chances are, you give considerable thought to the contents of your subscription box. But do you also pay attention to how you build the box?

Taking a strategic approach to kitting operations can help you to increase efficiency and minimize fulfillment costs. In her latest blog for Multichannel Merchant, Saddle Creek Director of Fulfillment Nicole Lee discusses best practices for picking and kitting subscription box orders.

Following is an excerpt…

Kitting Practices for Maximum Efficiency

Subscription boxes have grown in popularity, in large part, because they offer a curated collection of items designed to delight recipients. With multiple components, however, order fulfillment can often be a complex, labor-intensive process. To ensure optimal efficiency and control costs, it is important to approach the kitting process strategically.

To determine the best process for building your box, start by thinking about your desired end result. What does your order profile look like? Do you have a large number of SKUs in the boxes or to choose from? Do most of your orders include the same elements or is each order completely different? Will you be sending out a large batch of orders all at once or shipping smaller quantities more frequently?

The best approach to picking your order will depend on your order volume, average SKUs per order, and average units per order. Common kitting scenarios include:

  • Low variability / low volume
  • High variability / low volume
  • Low variability / high volume
  • High variability / high volume
  • Hybrid approach

For general guidelines for handling each of these kitting situations, read the full article.