Blog Posts An Inside Look at Order Fulfillment for IPSY [Video]

Key Takeaways

  • With its beauty products in high demand, IPSY counts on Saddle Creek Logistics for subscription and ecommerce order fulfillment.
  • Accommodating ultra-personalization, significant spikes in volume and synchronized deliveries requires an intricate fulfillment solution.
  • The complex fulfillment process is detailed in a new video.

For nearly a decade, Saddle Creek has been helping IPSY to delight its members. Every month, facilities in Texas and North Carolina fulfill personalized subscription orders and high-volume ecommerce orders for the brand’s popular beauty products.

Complex Subscription and Ecommerce Fulfillment Solution

Personalization is at the heart of the IPSY experience. The vast majority of subscription orders include “member choice” selections or ecommerce add-ons. This customization adds significant complexity to the fulfillment process.

Members delight in sharing their unboxing experience on social media, so Saddle Creek strives to deliver orders to all subscribers at about the same time each month.

In addition to subscription orders, Saddle Creek also fulfills IPSY’s ecommerce orders and accommodates major spikes in volume due to flash and pop-up sales.

To see the intricate fulfillment process in action, watch the video.

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