Blog Posts ALAN Supports Strategic and Efficient Disaster Relief

ALAN Supports Strategic and Efficient Disaster Relief

The world is reeling this week from the impact of numerous natural disasters – from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to wildfires and earthquakes. Supply-chain resources and know-how can make a critical difference in relief and recovery efforts. That’s where the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) comes in.

This highly respected non-profit association supports disaster recovery by engaging the supply chain community to help relief organizations meet the needs of stricken communities more efficiently and effectively.

How ALAN Works

ALAN helps to provide support when and where it is needed most. In times like these, relief organizations post urgent needs for essential supplies, goods, and services on Supply chain providers across the country can view these specific requests for help and respond to those that match their capabilities.

This strategy for responding to emergencies increases the capacity of relief agencies, saves money, and eliminates duplication of effort and waste by matching expressed needs with potential providers. Instead of sending random goods and supplies that could overwhelm disaster recovery efforts, companies are able to respond to specific requests for help from those on the ground. This might include requests to donate local warehouse space, transportation or material handling equipment; advice on how to best move products into position; or provide other goods and services.

How to Help

Cash is best: By far, monetary donations are the most useful help you can give. They allow affected communities to purchase exactly what they need, when they need it most; they permit local sourcing of supplies, which stimulates the economy and keeps tax revenues at home; and they help survivors to take control of their own recovery.

ALAN recommends making financial contributions to a reputable / vetted non-profit organization such as those who are members of National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.

You can also donate to support ALAN’s operations – each $1 donation enables delivery of $2.82 of logistics services, and $72 of humanitarian aid.

Work through ALAN: ALAN partners with voluntary organizations, communities, and emergency response agencies on the ground to provide an organized response. They share offers of support with these partners to see if they match local needs.

Donated logistics are needed now. If you’re a business or individual interested in contributing to relief efforts, please see current needs or offer supply chain support.

To offer physical products, visit the National VOAD Donations Page. Make sure that there is a need—as well as capacity and a specific recipient—for your donation on the other end. Your good intentions can overburden local supply chains if affected communities are not prepared for the arrival of your goods or services.

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