Blog Posts Achieving End-to-End Visibility

Looking for a birds’ eye view of your supply chain? If so, you’re not alone. Supply chain visibility is a top challenge for 22 percent of shippers, Inbound Logistics’ 3PL market research report shows.

In the latest issue of Inbound Logistics, Steve Congro, Saddle Creek’s director of omnichannel fulfillment technology, shares tips for gaining a clearer view of your supply chain.

Following is an excerpt from the article…

10 Tips for Ensuring Supply Chain Visibility

In today’s increasingly omnichannel marketplace, good visibility is vital throughout the supply chain. Here’s how to maintain optimal visibility at 10 key touchpoints.

  1. Monitor inbound shipments. The need for visibility begins starts in the earliest stages of the supply chain. Manufacturers must confirm the status of incoming raw materials while retailers and ecommerce companies need a clear view of their suppliers’ inventory.
  2. Establish enterprise-wide view of inventory. The growth of omnichannel has intensified the need to distribute inventory across multiple locations – distribution centers, brick-and-mortar stores, vendors (for drop shipments), etc. Having an enterprise-wide view of all fulfillment sources enables shippers to understand what they have available to ship and available to promise, helping to optimize inventory and prevent stock outs and overstocks.
  3. Provide information for customers. Today’s shoppers research their purchases extensively online and expect up-to-date information. They want to know if the product they’re seeking is in stock in store and/or online and how many are remaining. If an item is on back order, they expect to know when it will be available. Studies show that the ability to access this information impacts where consumers shop.
  4. Ensure visibility across channels. Consumers have high standards for a seamless experience across channels and devices. They want to research available product options on their phone, read reviews on a social network, place an order from their laptop, pick it up in their local store and enjoy a consistent experience at every point in the journey.
  5. Manage orders. To give consumers the experience they expect, shippers must be able to view and process incoming orders across multiple channels in real time.

For more tips, read the full article.