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Academy Program Ensures Best-in-Class Service

Back-to-school season isn’t just for the school-age set any longer. Just ask the 16 supervisors who attended the inaugural class of the Saddle Creek Academy in September.

Saddle Creek established the Academy training program for its front-line supervisors with the goal of providing them with leadership skills that are aligned with the company’s corporate values.  Participants enhance their knowledge of LEAN techniques and operational best practices as part of the curriculum.  Since continuous improvement is a key area of focus for Saddle Creek, they are given additional tools that they can use to offer customers innovative ideas for controlling costs, increasing productivity and improving service.

The week-long course includes a mix of class-room instruction and hands-on activities on the DC floor. Held at company headquarters in Lakeland, Fla., the Academy drew participants from Saddle Creek campuses across the country.

The experience also reinforces Saddle Creek’s trademark company culture, a key competitive differentiator in the marketplace. Since 1966, the company has been driven by strong core values and a keen sense of entrepreneurial responsiveness. It’s no accident that the company’s brand promise is to do Whatever It Takes!

“One of our core values as a company is to ‘Deliver excellence in service,’” explains Tony Hollis, director of technology and innovation at Saddle Creek. “Our new Academy program is strategically designed to ensure that our supervisors deliver the optimal experience for our customers…and their customers.”