Blog Posts 3PLs Help Customers to Manage Increasingly Complex Supply Chains

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The market for third-party logistics providers continues to grow – with projections for a 33 percent increase by 2022. A new whitepaper published by Enterprise Florida explores how 3PLs are helping companies of all sizes to manage increasingly complex and global supply chains.

Benefits of 3PLs

Ecommerce operations is one area where 3PLs are providing value, Saddle Creek’s CEO Cliff Otto points out in the report. “To compete with the likes of Amazon, companies need to find ways to deliver quickly, cost-effectively and seamlessly. 3PLs can be a valuable resource in this regard,” he says. They can offer the supply chain visibility, automation, and distribution networks required to provide seamless service across all channels, he adds. For instance, the software used to manage omni-channel distribution must be able to handle orders ranging from full pallets going to businesses, as well as individual SKU’s destined for consumers.

To learn more about the benefits that 3PLs can provide and what to look for when selecting a provider, read the whitepaper.