Blog Posts 3PL Solves Pandemic Problem for Record-of-the-Month Club


  • Pandemic-related production issues posed challenge for Vinyl Me, Please.
  • The subscription-record company sought out an alternative solution for order assembly.
  • The company’s warehousing and fulfillment provider stepped up to help mitigate risk.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, few companies escaped supply chain disruptions. The most successful were able to pivot quickly and find new solutions.

Daniel Guarino, senior director of supply chain for Vinyl Me, Please, understands firsthand the value of being able to switch gears on short notice. Digital Commerce 360 recently caught up with him to discuss how the record-of-the-month-club navigated through pandemic-related production issues earlier this year.

Following is an excerpt from “Supply Chain Snafus Snarl Online Retailers’ Holiday Plans” …

Social distancing slows U.S. production

Even domestic production was impacted by the virus. Vinyl Me, Please, a record-of-the-month club that produces its own vinyl records, encountered an issue in June when a manufacturing plant it uses in Kansas was unable to assemble records for shipment because of social-distancing requirements for workers. That includes inserting the record into the jacket, adding items like liner notes and photos, and then shrink-wrapping the package for delivery to customers, says Daniel Guarino, senior director, supply chain, for the online-only retailer.

To meet its deadline for shipping to its 30,000 monthly subscribers, Vinyl Me, Please quickly shifted the assembly work to the company that warehouses and fulfills its orders, Saddle Creek Logistics Services, which was able to get the orders out in time.

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