Blog Posts 3PL Packages Record Orders for Vinyl Me, Please in Pandemic


  • Subscription record company experiences production issues
  • 3PL partner provides kitting and assembly
  • Alternate solution helps mitigate risk

Like most companies, Vinyl Me, Please experienced supply chain disruptions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Production issues at an overseas manufacturer jeopardized the company’s ability to fulfill orders. To help minimize the potential risk, the record-of-the-month company turned to Saddle Creek Logistics.

Value-Added Capabilities Help to Mitigate Risk

When production slowed due to the pandemic, the company’s manufacturer was unable to assemble the record of the month. Albums needed to be packaged in a cardboard sleeve along with an informational insert and sealed in a peel-and-stick vinyl bag.

Anticipating more than 50,000 orders, Vinyl Me, Please reached out to long-standing fulfillment partner Saddle Creek Logistics for help. With ample experience in handling kitting and assembly for other clients, the 3PL was able to jump in quickly and handle the record volume without missing a beat.

“Saddle Creek saved the day. Having an alternate solution we could rely on really helped us to mitigate risk,” explains Vinyl Me, Please Chief Financial Officer Adam Block.

To learn more, read the case study.

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