Articles Tackling the Complexity of Reverse Logistics

Hassle-free returns and quick refunds are a must if you want to keep ecommerce customers coming back. That’s especially true when it comes to purchases over the holidays. Many shippers and retailers work with their logistics providers to ensure they’re prepared to handle the season’s higher return volume.

Last week, Perry Belcastro, Saddle Creek’s resident reverse logistics expert, contributed to a discussion on this topic in Transport Topics. Following is an excerpt…

Logistics Companies Aim to Ease Returns, Keep Costs Low Amid E-Commerce Rise

As the continued rise of e-commerce increases the number of product returns, retailers and shippers are working to ease the returns process to boost customer satisfaction. They’re doing so by turning to logistics providers for technology and services that can optimize their reverse logistics networks and keep costs low.

“It’s critical to make returns fast and easy for the consumer without breaking the bank,” said Perry Belcastro, senior vice president of operations for Saddle Creek Logistics Services. “Optimizing the process, moving it closer to the consumer and controlling transportation expenses are important steps.”

Shippers and retailers work with their logistics providers to shore up their infrastructure, making sure their information systems, distribution networks and transportation capabilities are prepared to handle surges in return volumes, Belcastro said.

Katherine Cullen, director of industry and consumer insights for the National Retail Federation, said 58% of holiday shoppers expected to return or exchange holiday gifts this year.

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