Articles Effective Order Fulfillment: Finding the Balance Between Cost and Service

For online retailers already struggling to meet delivery expectations and contain shipping costs, the recent news that Amazon plans to roll out one-day delivery for Prime poses even more pressure.

Trying to compete head-to-head with Amazon is just not economical for the average retailer, Steve Congro, Saddle Creek’s director, omnichannel fulfillment technology, cautions in the latest issue of Internet Retailer. Instead, he recommends focusing on becoming more reliable to customers and ensuring consistent delivery at a manageable cost.

Following is an excerpt from the article.

Advanced technologies help retailers achieve faster delivery for customers

Keeping products near consumers is one way retailers can keep costs down, Congro says. “If you can utilize inventory that you already have located close to your customer base, that will not only speed up delivery to your customer, but also save on shipping costs,” he says.

That’s where recent advances in order and inventory management technology can help retailers. The systems that work best add a layer of intelligence that enables them to handle multiple fulfillment locations, receive orders from multiple sources and manage back orders.

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