Put an OMS to Work for Your Direct-Selling Business

whse-tablet-900x600pxWant to manage inventory across multiple locations, improve visibility, and route orders intelligently? An order management system (OMS) can be a powerful tool to help you tackle these pain points and more.

An optimal OMS solution integrates seamlessly with the Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transportation Management System (TMS) and other existing systems to manage inventory and order processing through to the end customer.

Not all order management systems are created equal. For best results, look for an OMS with the following characteristics:

  • Cloud-based
  • Responsive, real-time
  • Single platform
  • Scalable
  • Provides intelligent routing

Outsourcing is an Option

Implementing a robust OMS requires internal expertise, financial investment, ability to scale, etc. Many direct sellers find that outsourcing to a 3PL allows them to realize the benefits of an OMS more efficiently, seamlessly and cost-effectively.

When deciding if a 3PL partner makes sense, direct sellers should take into account their level of internal expertise, desired financial commitment, ability to scale to accommodate growth/fluctuations, number of distribution centers, etc.

Finding the Right Partner

If you decide that outsourcing is right for your organization, look for an experienced 3PL who can fill in the gaps, and help take your operations to the next level. The optimal partner will provide:

  • Integration with current WMS and TMS
  • Availability across all facilities
  • Prebuilt integration with major commerce partners for quicker start-up
  • Expertise, proven experience

Whether you choose to invest in your own OMS system or outsource to a well-qualified partner, you’ll value the ability to improve visibility, inventory management, customer service, and cost control.

OMS Technology at Saddle Creek

Technology is at the core of Saddle Creek’s supply chain solutions. We are continually seeking out the latest advances in technology to deliver more quickly, seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Our comprehensive omnichannel technology management solution includes state-of-the-art order management (OMS), warehouse management (WMS), and transportation management (TMS). These systems integrate seamlessly with our customers’ current systems to manage order processing through to the end customer. We can leverage inventory from multiple fulfillment sources to deliver the optimal customer experience.

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