Our Values

Our mission is to provide exceptional logistics solutions and services for our customers…Whatever It Takes!

  • We deliver excellence in service

    We will always deliver superior customer service, everywhere, every time, Whatever It Takes! Service is the only reason we exist and service is the only product that we sell. We will measure our success as a company by the quality and value we give our customers.

  • We respect the individual

    We will treat every person as we want to be treated—with dignity and respect. Since our services can only be delivered by our people, we will treasure them for their uniqueness and their contributions to our success. We will create a culture where people are treated as part of a family, with the needs of people balanced with the needs of our business.

  • We promote performance and accountability

    To deliver excellent service we all must be accountable for our work. Performance cannot be left to someone else. We do Whatever It Takes to perform, to excel—and we each accept this responsibility. In turn, we will have the freedom to act, and the right tools and training. We will reward performance, promote on merit, and celebrate success.

  • We foster a supportive work environment

    We want to have a fun, exciting, safe place to work. We will value the ideas of our people, and encourage their participation. We will welcome and actively recruit men and women of every race, origin, and belief for every level of responsibility. We will enjoy our work, yet be fiercely dedicated to service and performance. We will be proud of ourselves and each other. We will each behave as if this is our company.

  • We behave with integrity

    We will always do the right thing. Every action we take—with people, with customers, with suppliers, with our communities—will be an action of which we can be proud, that can withstand public scrutiny and that follows the letter and spirit of the law. We will be fair. We will be honest.


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