Omnichannel Supply Chain Solutions that Deliver

Omnichannel Supply Chain Solutions that Deliver

Are you a company that sells or distributes goods to your customers through multiple channels, pulling from a single inventory? As the world of omnichannel evolves, you want to partner with a 3PL that has the expertise and experience in handling a multichannel sales platform.

To fulfill orders for multiple channels from a single inventory, you need warehouse and order management systems that integrate with your shopping cart or ERP, competitive speed of service, real-time inventory visibility, the ability to pick both pallets and eaches, and more.

Saddle Creek has developed solutions for a wide variety of omnichannel companies that include:

  • Single inventory distribution through multiple channels
  • A robust technology offering, specializing in:
    • Order management
    • Visibility
    • Reporting
    • Real-time data
  • Multiple picking methodologies (including automation)
  • National network of locations
  • Optimized warehouse layouts
  • Scalable resources for space and labor
  • End-to-end parcel services

To see one of our omnichannel supply chain solutions at work, check out our Rack Room customer case study.

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