In delivering omnichannel supply chain solutions for clients, we take a solution-based, data-driven approach. We use the most advanced operational methods and sophisticated technologies to provide the optimal customer experience.

Order Management Technology

Our comprehensive omnichannel technology solution includes order management (OMS), warehouse management (WMS), and transportation management (TMS). These systems can integrate seamlessly with your current systems to manage order processing through to the end customer.

  • Our robust OMS gives you enterprise-wide visibility, the ability to pull from multiple fulfillment sources and accurate, real-time information.
  • Saddle Creek’s WMS system manages client orders based upon embedded logic, driven by a range of operational decision rules set by each client.
  • And our state-of-the-art TMS offers real-time visibility, web-enabled track-and-trace, and reporting functions, so you can make informed business decisions.

Integration and APIs

We developed our application protocol interface (API) to facilitate your system’s integration with our warehouse management system. In addition to order transmittal, APIs are available for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Advance ship notifications (ASNs)
  • Product and SKU set-up
  • Inventory updates
  • Importing of shipment tracking numbers
  • Returns processing

Improve your customers’ experiences by seamlessly integrating inventory and shipping data into your online stores—providing accurate, dependable, and real-time data. Required interfaces are already written and available for execution for your IT team’s convenience.

Distribution Center Automation

Strategic automation technologies throughout our distribution centers ensure proper handling of your products at every stage.


  • We use wireless radio frequency (RF) hand-held computers to guide distribution center operations.
  • All distribution center activity is thoroughly documented, and inventory transactions are journaled, through the use of barcode scanners.
  • All outbound orders are quality-inspected by scanning every product barcode prior to final packing.
  • Our automated batch-picking processes utilize multi-position pick vehicles and/or automated material handling carousels. Coupled with the carousels is a pick-and-put-to-light technology that digitally displays to the associate which item to pick, how many to pick, and where to place the item.

Customer Relationship Management System

We have developed a customer relationship management (CRM) system for use in your services and customer care operations. This CRM tool gives you complete visibility into our interactions with your customers. The CRM offers a full range of customizable client features, including:

  • E-mail masking, so e-mails sent from Saddle Creek’s CRM can display your e-mail address.
  • Time tracking by event.
  • Customizable fields for tracking the data that is important to you.
  • Integration with order fulfillment, so specific orders can be connected to individual customer records.

Inventory Control

Our online system helps avoid costly stock-outs and dissatisfied customers by automatically controlling inventory. We work with you to determine:

  • Historical product demand
  • Forecasted demand
  • Supplier lead times
  • Estimated demand during lead times
  • Safety stock by item
  • Economic order quantities
  • Geographic anomalies

We can effectively execute your purchase orders for the timely delivery of each and every product, and you are relieved of the requirement to closely monitor and manage the replenishment of your inventory.

Access and Reporting

Our client portal provides 24/7 online access so you can:

  • View inventory
  • Review orders
  • Check on the status of orders
  • Evaluate inventory allocations for inbound orders
  • Track packages through direct links to preferred freight carriers.

We also offer a complete set of scheduled email reports, so you can extract data and export it into Excel for your own analysis and reporting. If we don’t have a pre-existing report to meet your needs, we can customize one for you.

You can also pull data back into your own systems, so you can continue to utilize your systems and internal reports.

Client Support Access

In addition to email and phone support, our warehouse management system includes a client portal with a “ticketing” tool that allows you to submit electronic requests to our client services staff. Client requests are tracked via the ticket system, and tasks are quickly assigned to appropriate departments or staff members for follow-up.

Data Center

We utilize a redundant, world-class, technically sophisticated data center to protect data with the highest security available—99.99% uptime 24x7x365, and fiber connectivity to our distribution centers and call center. The bottom line is your data is secure, and you can count on us to be up and running to support your business.

Leading the Industry with Logistics Technology

At Saddle Creek Logistics Services, we utilize technology to ensure quality, efficiency, and transparency throughout our operations – and yours. We view technology as an integral element of our omnichannel supply chain solutions and consider our investment in top-tier technology to be a competitive differentiator. We maintain a dedicated staff of IT professionals to ensure seamless integration and deliver customized IT solutions that will advance your business.


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