Omnichannel Fulfillment Operations: Custom Scalable Solutions + Leading Technology

Integrated Fulfillment Across (and beyond) Your Supply Chain

Saddle Creek Logistics is a 3PL omnichannel solutions provider, offering custom omnichannel fulfillment solutions and technology to help manage the overall supply chain for B2B and B2C companies.

Managing a variety of sales channels at once, including brick-and-mortar, manufacturing, ecommerce, retail, subscription boxes, , direct-selling/multi-level marketing and 3rd party marketplaces requires efficient order processing, inventory and returns management.

Our expertise, level of service, technology and advanced understanding of supply chain movement can bring years of experience and value to your business.

With a nationwide network of strategic locations, our robust portfolio of technology solutions and 50+ years of industry-leading experience, we’re ready to meet your omnichannel fulfillment needs.


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Transportation Services

Saddle Creek offers a full range of transportation services dedicated to increasing your business’ efficiency while reducing costs.

With Saddle Creek Logistics, You’ll Benefit From:

  • Seamless, Scalable Solutions
  • Full Inventory Visibility
  • Submit, access and retrieve business data from our WMS and OMS technologies
  • Streamlined Production and Distribution for Subscription-Based Business
  • Offer your customers more purchasing options and improved customer service
  • Minimize shipping costs and ensure that your products get to your customers quickly