Omnichannel Drives Trend Toward Multi-Site Distribution

DC Network

Want to be more competitive in today’s omnichannel environment? It may be time for a more customer-focused, multi-site distribution model.

Within two years, 49.4% of manufacturers, retailers and ecommerce companies surveyed say they will be using “multiple DCs with the source of fulfillment determined by business rules for the order,” our recent study reveals.

What’s driving this trend? By strategically expanding their number of DCs, companies can:

  • Move closer to the end customer
  • Deliver products faster
  • Reduce transportation costs

In fact, with multiple DCs, 90% of U.S. consumers can be reached via cost-effective 2-day ground service.

Interested in expanding your distribution network? Saddle Creek’s nationwide network of facilities allows us to deliver products quickly and cost-effectively. Our robust OMS can automatically route your orders to the best location to meet your customers’ delivery expectations – often within two business days.

See how we helped Talking Rain expand their distribution network.

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