Not All Heroes Wear Capes…

Some Wear Safety Vests

Our Team Does Whatever It Takes! When It Means the Most

We’re proud and thankful for our associates who deliver the products, goods, and services that make our world go ‘round. When it comes to high-quality omnichannel distribution and fulfillment services, Saddle Creek Logistics has always been an industry leader. Today, thanks to the dedication and commitment demonstrated by our incredible team, we can maintain that same level of service under the challenging conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every member of our staff plays a vital role in keeping the community stocked up on essential goods like food, personal hygiene items, and medical scrubs.

Together We Can Empower the People

Transportation, warehousing, and logistics specialists are fulfilling a vital need in the community, one that has only grown in significance during these unprecedented times. The Saddle Creek Logistics team is working hard to ensure that shelves are stocked, refrigerators are full, and morale is high. By meeting the needs of the public, we can empower the community through the comfort and safety of accessible commodities. This is an essential service that we are able to deliver across the country through our extensive network, and we are proud to meet the needs of those we serve.

A Message to Our Team

We deeply value all our associates who are working hard every day to keep the public stocked up on the items they need most to survive in times of crisis. We recognize the hard work and are thankful for all our associates who are embodying the Saddle Creek spirit.

Show Support For The Saddle Creek Team

Built Upon the Foundation of Exceptional Service

Since 1966, it has been the mission and vision of Saddle Creek Logistics to do “Whatever It Takes!” to get goods into the hands of those who need them. Founder and Chairman of Saddle Creek Logistics, David Lyons, believed in always doing the right thing for the people, for the client, for suppliers, and the business. Today, we are proud that our team continues to act with integrity in service to the public. The dedication and unity demonstrated by our workforce is something that each member of the Saddle Creek Logistics team takes to heart and recognizes with pride.