Get all of the shipping and logistics handled by professionals at the Saddle Creek Logistics in Macon, Georgia. A massive 880,000 square feet of warehousing space offers storage for everything from office supplies to food. Transportation in the southeast is handled by a local fleet, with full-service brokerage options for deliveries outside of the area.

All distribution tasks are handled from a fulfillment center, so you can integrate your existing ecommerce platform with available logistics services. Saddle Creek Logistics can handle your inventory management, picking/packing/shipping needs to fill customer orders, handle returns and claims processing, and optimize shipping costs and freight time.

Shared Operation

Macon Campus What makes our 880,000 square foot Macon, Georgia warehousing and distribution campus stand out is our team of experienced professionals. They’re able to use these resources to create a customized, turnkey program that can accommodate all your logistics needs. They’ll draw on our comprehensive warehousing and distribution, transportation, packaging, and fulfillment capabilities to meet your requirements and streamline your supply chain.

Our Macon, Ga., warehouse is just one part of our nationwide third-party logistics network. We also have a campus in Atlanta as well as other locations across the country.