Put Your Whatever It Takes!  Attitude to Work for a Growing Company
With an Exceptional Culture

Stable Workplace

Saddle Creek has grown every single year since our founding in 1966. As we grow, our associates grow with us into new jobs with new responsibilities.  Check out this video for a look into the past (and the future).

Customers Who Appreciate Us

Our complete commitment to our customers means we have many loyal and long term customers that reward us with new business.  We also continue to expand with new customers in new markets year after year.  Click here to view some customer case studies.

A Rewarding Experience

Your achievements and successes at Saddle Creek are celebrated. In addition to regular compensation, cookouts, celebrations, and associate appreciation and recognition are part of life at Saddle Creek.

Family Values

Our founder, David Lyons, created a culture at Saddle Creek that fosters teamwork and collaboration. He also recognized that it’s important for his associates to feel respected and supported. We still maintain those same core values as the foundation of who we are today.

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