Flexible Fulfillment Solutions for Direct Sellers

In today’s competitive marketplace, more and more direct-selling companies are challenged to optimize their fulfillment operations, provide timely and cost-effective service, and keep up with changing customer demands.

At Saddle Creek Logistics Services, we can customize a solution to help tackle your toughest fulfillment challenges. The key to success? Leveraging our unique strengths:

  • Network of facilities – Convenient locations nationwide put products closer to your consultants and their customers to reduce delivery time and cost.
  • Robust technology – Sophisticated OMS helps to manage inventory across multiple locations, improve visibility, and route orders intelligently.
  • Scalable resources – Flexible space, staffing and technology allow you to handle business fluctuations and growth.
  • Customization capabilities – Value-added services help to accommodate special requirements, including large-scale operations, and delay product configuration until the last possible minute to meet current demand.
  • Transportation management – A private fleet, brokerage services and relationships with all major parcel carriers ensure a variety of cost-effective transportation options.

Want to see how our solutions have helped other direct-selling companies? Watch our video case study.

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