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We Believe in the Power of the E-Commerce Entrepreneurial Spirit.

E-Commerce entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, but we all have a few things in common: passion for the products and services we’re selling, courage to take a leap into the unknown and determination to overcome the volatile obstacles of online order management and order fulfillment. Saddle Creek is a national third-party logistics provider built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Saddle Creek was founded in 1966 when David Lyons acquired a single 12,000-square-foot warehouse in Lakeland, Florida. More than 50 years later, Saddle Creek is still owned by the same family. We’ve grown to be an integrated logistics provider with more than 20 million square feet of warehouse space, a fleet of trucks, and a full suite of services that benefit some of the most recognizable brands nationwide.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds.

When you choose to partner with Saddle Creek, you benefit from the best of both worlds. While we’re backed by a rich history, proven longevity and customer success, you’ll still find the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in our warehouses and fulfillment centers. Our business model places a high level of autonomy at the local levels, which allows us to be highly flexible, nimble and ready to take on the next supply chain challenge.

The Saddle Creek team understands the ever-changing complexities and logistics of ecommerce, and we hope you’ll consider us as the partner to help you grow your customer base, your brand and your bottom line.

Saddle Creek Logistics Can Help You:

  • Control inventory volume
  • Forecast with confidence
  • Save costs on shipping and labor
  • Improve accuracy, product presentation and packaging
  • Provide multiple delivery options, returns and exchanges
  • Integrate with your ERP and ecommerce solutions/platforms

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