Control Your Parcel Costs


If you send a high volume of parcel shipments, rising parcel costs can be a major headache. We can help. Our new parcel analytics tool allows you to increase efficiency and better manage parcel costs.

Skip the spreadsheets. Our robust, cloud-based software gives you the data you need for improved parcel management:

  • Unified database of all your carrier invoice data
  • Visibility to parcel spend
  • Shipment detail by state or region
  • Ability to monitor proof of delivery and billing
  • Insights into factors impacting parcel costs

You’ll be able to identify trends based upon service or recognize factors that might increase accessorial charges. You’ll also learn how peak periods drive carrier selection and volumes. If you’re considering a multi-carrier strategy, you’ll definitely want to add this must-have software to your parcel management toolbox.

The tool is available free of charge to clients who ship a high volume of parcel orders on Saddle Creek’s account.

For more ways a 3PL can help with parcel shipping, read our ­whitepaper.

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