Armstrong & Associates: 3PL Case Study

Do you have an ecommerce business or offer a subscription service? The Saddle Creek Integrated Logistics Strategy Shows Positive Results Case Study was conducted by Armstrong and Associates to examine the details of logistics services provided to clients, from giants like Proctor & Gamble to rising stars like ipsy.

Learn how subscription boxes work: ipsy is an online beauty community that was built around a product called the “Glam Bag.” Each month, subscribers receive a Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products.

See the details behind-the-scenes: Learn how ipsy delivers almost a half million Glam Bags per month, including synchronized delivery in the US and Canada that corresponds to ipsy’s media events.

Learn about committed capacity: See how this approach will better utilize fleet assets and lower operating costs, while maintaining 99% on-time delivery performance.

Success in the the consumer goods industry is highly dependent upon well-coordinated logistics. Reliable and timely shipping of your products is at the core of your company – for both traditional retail and subscription boxes. Download the Integrated Logistics Strategy Shows Positive Results Case Study today to see how the right logistics can help you expand your company.


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