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At Saddle Creek, we help customers across the country to increase supply chain efficiency, streamline their business and manage operational costs. Our third-party logistics solutions incorporate a customized blend of warehousing, transportation, contract packaging, and/or fulfillment services that best fit their objectives.

View these case studies to see our integrated logistics solutions at work:


Warehousing: Jurlique (Health & Beauty)

Jurlique, an Australian manufacturer of organic skin-care products, needed to be sure that their products would always get to customers in peak condition, even when manufactured thousands of miles away.

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Recently, Jurlique began expanding globally. Plans called for growing the business five times over in five years, but internal resources were limited.

Download this case study to see how this company was able to achieve their goals through partnership with a 3PL. From manufacturing in Australia to distribution throughout the US for hundreds of SKUs that require temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution, learn how a 3PL had the resources to help Jurlique expand their business worldwide.

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Warehousing: Multiquip (Industrial & Equipment)

Multiquip is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of light- and medium- sized construction equipment.

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As the company began experiencing significant growth, its management team wanted to keep their focus on excellent products and customer service.

Download this case study to learn why this company chose to outsource many of its logistics functions to a 3PL in order to focus on its core competency. See how a 3PL was able to handle warehousing and distribution for Multiquip’s extensive line of products, many of which come in unusual shapes, sizes and packages, and have special requirements. This strategic partnership helped Multiquip save on production and shipping costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

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Warehousing: United Sugars (Food & Beverage)

United Sugars is the country’s second largest sugar supplier, producing 28 percent of all domestically sold sugar, mostly in the eastern half of the United States.

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The company has unique logistics challenges in that it does not have warehouse space of its own and can keep only one- to two-days’ capacity at the plants, so it must rely on direct shipment from the plant to the customer or inventory the sugar.

Download this case study to learn how a strategic partnership with a 3PL is able to solve these problems, at an average volume of 13,000 inbound and outbound truckloads annually. See why United Sugars’ depends on a 3PL to be sure that their products are on the shelves when customers need them.

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Fulfillment: Anthony Robbins (Education)

Is your company growing faster than what you can keep pace with? Anthony Robbins is a personal coach who also offers best-selling books, multimedia and health products. After a bad experience, the Anthony Robbins Company sought a reliable outsourcing partner who could “assume the load” for warehousing and fulfillment.

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In the this case study, you will learn how one company solved two common problems:

Integration with your current systems: If you partner with a 3PL logistics company, will you have to replace your current ordering and inventory systems?

Dedicated fulfillment help: Do you have seasons of peak volume, or particularly popular products? Learn how the Anthony Robbins Company ensured seamless delivery of one highly successful product.

Whether you are looking to outsource your warehousing and fulfillment, or replace your current logistics company, it’s important to select a partner who can handle your company’s order volume and unique needs.

Download this case study today to see how the Anthony Robbins company meet the turnaround needs of their clients, while managing their overall small parcel freight costs.

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Fulfillment: Epoca International, Inc. (Housewares)

Epoca International, Inc. is a designer & distributor of consumer houseware products sold through multiple retail channels from independent retailers to national store chains and drop-ship channels. Epoca engaged Saddle Creek to handle its warehousing and omnichannel fulfillment operations.

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Epoca faced the challenge of increasing their operational fulfillment capabilities to support, not only their rapidly growing distribution overall, but also to accommodate their busy season from September to December.

Epoca works with many ecommerce retailers for promotional sales (drop-shipments) that include and Amazon, as well as large-scale Black Friday sales with retailers such as Home Depot, Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond. Epoca required a fulfillment provider that could quickly scale with their operation to support increased sales as needed.

Download the full case study to learn more.

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Fulfillment: ARI Flow Control Accessories (Industrial & Equipment)

ARI Flow Control Accessories transform their shipping, distribution, & sales. A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories is a leading manufacturer of air and check valves for industrial liquid transmission systems.

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When they wanted to expand their market within the United States and Canada, ARI Flow Control Accessories was faced with a series of unique challenges:

  • Parts that are manufactured internationally
  • A need for regional distribution, warehousing, and fulfillment
  • No central order, inventory, or shipping system
  • A wide network of field sales representatives

Do any of these common Industrial manufacturing and equipment issues sound familiar to you? Download this case study to learn how you can seamlessly integrate international manufacturing, regional product warehousing, and a sales team with customers spread out over the United States and Canada.

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Fulfillment: AVID (Education)

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The system is comprised of printed materials, DVDs and related kits that have been adopted by nearly 4,500 schools in 47 states and 16 countries and territories. With that many items going to that such a wide variety of places, AVID has a complicated logistics situation, with the additional process of products being returned from seminars for re-use.

Download the this case study to learn how to Saddle Creek Logistics helped AVID to professionally and precisely manage a wide variety of products and combinations to ensure accurate orders and inventory.

Do you remember studying AVID materials in high school? The Advancement Via Individual Determination, or AVID, is a college readiness system designed to increase school-wide learning and performance.

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Fulfillment: BAE Systems (Defense Contracting)

When BAE Systems decided to outsource their logistics, cost reduction was essential, but maintaining a high degree of quality and control was also critical for this ISO-certified defense contractor.

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BAE Systems needed help with a lot more than shipping, they needed a logistics company that would be responsible for stocking 15,000 items, provide inbound quality control (QC) inspection, and deliver fulfillment support for its F-16 avionics test-station production operation.

This complex request required a customized solution with many integrated components. Download the BAE Systems case study to learn how the right systems and automation were able dramatically reduced BAE’s warehousing and fulfillment costs.

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Fulfillment: Beall’s (Retail)

Beall’s is a Florida-based company comprised of department, online, and outlet stores offering casual lifestyle, apparel and home merchandise.

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Known for their excellent customer service, they began to struggle with fulfillment as the ecommerce side of their business rapidly expanded. When relying on store personnel was no longer an option, they turned to Saddle Creek as their 3PL company to handle a portion of their online fulfillment.

Download this case study to learn how Bealls was able to:

  • Deliver excellent service to all customers
  • Reduce turnaround times and transportation costs
  • Lower returns and damages on products ordered online

Partnering with a 3PL allowed Beall’s to get these great results while also experiencing significant savings in labor, even during peak periods.

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Fulfillment: NuSkin

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Fulfillment: Outsource Order Fulfillment

Your business is growing, and your logistics needs are growing with it. How do you know when to consider getting outside help?

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Download the Saddle Creek Logistics case study on 5 Signs It’s Time To Outsource Order Fulfillment to learn about the factors you need to consider:

  1. Is your business growing, and in a fast or unpredictable way? You may need flexible resources in order to handle variable order flow and growth.
  2. Are you in an industry where speed is essential? Learn how efficiencies in modern logistics such as strategically located distribution centers can get time on your side.
  3.  Logistics is always changing – do you currently have access to advanced technology, and if not, can you afford the the associated overhead investment? There may be another solution that keeps you up-to-date without a big expense.
  4.  Is fulfillment and shipping taking up too much of your time and resources? As your business grows, you need to focus on your core competency – not trying to solve your logistics problems.
  5. Are delivery problems damaging your brand? Order fulfillment is a critical business function and a key component of your customers’ brand experience. Consistency, accuracy and professionalism are essential.

Is outsourcing order fulfillment right for you? Many companies are seeing that this process controls costs, accommodates business growth and ensures service excellence for their customers. Download 5 Signs It’s Time To Outsource Order Fulfillment, and consider taking your business to the next level

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Fulfillment: Pura Vida

Saddle Creek’s fulfillment solution helps Pura Vida to move over a thousand SKUs and hundreds of thousands of units.

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Fulfillment: Princess House (kitchenware)

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Fulfillment: Scotty Cameron (Sporting Goods)

The Scotty Cameron division of Titleist Golf planned to entered the direct selling e-commerce market with and accessory line of golf products, the finest putters in the world.

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This case study detail how and why Scotty Cameron partnered with a 3PL company to handle all operational aspects for their service-focused e-commerce business. The services provided include:

  • Seamless integration of The Scotty Cameron web site with the logistics provider’s warehouse management system.
  • A customized wrapping solution and same day shipping was offered for this high-end product .
  • All inbound customer calls and contacts were handled by the logistics and fulfillment company.

Download this case study today to learn how Scotty Cameron has evolved over 10 years into a highly successful business entity, with the right support from a third party logistics provider.

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Fulfillment: Six Sigma Solution Design

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Fulfillment: SmartPractice (Healthcare)

SmartPractice provides clinical supplies, patient communications, giveaways, medical exam gloves and office essentials to health care practices throughout the United States.

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With warehouses in in Phoenix, Arizona, they were easily able to serve the Western states, but struggled with expanding their market in the Eastern portion of the country.

Download this case study to learn how SmartPractice was able to enhance its coverage in the Eastern U.S. They were able to greatly expand their range, reduce transit times to its customers, and lower its freight expenditures, all without having to open a new warehouse of their own, or change their current operating systems.

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Fulfillment: XTERRA Wetsuits (Sporting Goods)

XTERRA Wetsuits is committed to bringing all triathletes the best performing triathlon wetsuits at the greatest value, combined with superior customer service.

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As their company grew, XTERRA was faced with a problem: Their warehouse was in California, and more than half of their customers were east of the Rockies.

Partnering with a 3PL for logistics and fulfillment was the right choice for XTERRA Wetsuits. Download the XTERRA Wetsuits Fulfillment Case Study to learn how this sporting goods company was able to find a solution that integrated with their existing online ordering system that reduced transit times and freight expenditures, all without opening another warehouse.

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Fulfillment: Yeti (Sporting Goods)

With a complex operation of both online and retailer sales, YETI decided to partner with a 3PL to establish a centrally located distribution base to handle shipping, receiving, warehousing, and inspection of the high-quality YETI products.

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Due to their unique business model, they needed a fulfillment and logistics provider with the flexibility to accommodate both truckload orders for Big Box retailers and ecommerce orders for individual consumers.

YETI offers a wide range of gear and accessory products beyond their well-known coolers, which greatly increases the number of SKU’s, order complexity, and storage requirements for this company. Download the case study to learn how this company was able to increase their orders by 500% with help from a 3PL provider.

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Integrated Logistics

Integrated Logistics: AriZona Beverages USA (Food & Beverage)

AriZona Beverages USA LLC is the national marketer and supplier of the popular AriZona® brand iced teas and additional beverages.

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When dealing with customers like convenience stores, filling orders quickly and accurately is critical. Most require a very tight turn-around time on a wide variety of products.

In order to meet these demands, AriZona Beverages USA LLC turned to a 3PL for help with full- service integrated logistics in two key regions. Download the AriZona Beverages USA Integrated Logistics Case Study to learn how this popular food and beverage company keeps their order fill rate at 99.9% through their partnership with a 3rd party logistics provider.

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Integrated Logistics: Home and Office Products

When a well-known home and office product manufacturer needed to make a change at a busy time in their fiscal year, they partnered with a 3PL to manage distribution and transportation operations in its largest facility.

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If you you’re planning a transition of operations — whether it’s moving to a new facility, changing 3PL providers, or opening a new facility — a smooth start- up is critical.

Download our Home and Office Products: Integrated Logistics Case Study to learn what to consider before you make a change, and see how the the 3PL devised a timely and cost- effective integrated solution that enhanced the transparency of operations, improved retail compliance, and upheld the manufacturer’s strong service record.

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Packaging: Coty (Health & Beauty)

When you’re one of the world’s leading manufacturers of personal fragrances with six factories worldwide and an extremely busy holiday season, your requirements for product assembly and distribution are quite complex.

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Coty, Inc. has packaging and shipping needs that fluctuate widely throughout the year, so they greatly benefit from the flexibility and inventory control the a 3PL provides.

Download the Coty Packaging Case Study to see how this huge fragrance company handles their space and labor intensive packaging needs throughout the year. Learn how their popular product displays and gift packs are efficiently assembled, packaged and prepared for distribution by their outsourced logistics partner.

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Packaging: Data Storage Manufacturer (Electronics)

A leading data storage manufacturer was faced with with an inventory control challenge. A long shipping and formatting process was rendering expensive products obsolete before they could get them to market.

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In our Packaging Case Study, you will learn how a 3PL was able to streamline the manufacturer’s supply chain and control costs. The logistics company offered the flexibility in both space and manpower to make the program work — without a lot of added fixed costs for the customer. Download the Packaging Case Study to learn from this real-world example, and see the four characteristics you should look for when searching for your own supply chain and packaging partner.
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Transportation: Personal Navigation Device Manufacturer (Electronics)

A leading personal navigation device manufacturer was dealing with complex transportation processes, including the need for fast decisions and smart solutions amidst heavy shipping volumes.

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Download our Transportation Case Study to see how a 3PL was able to work closely with one of the manufacturer’s other logistics partners, regularly delivering thousands of pounds of personal navigation devices to the DC networks of more than 25 top retailers — serving nearly 100 separate locations.

This case study offers a great example of how a 3PL can accommodate a large range of transportation management option, from regional fleet operations to occasional brokerage services to total transportation management.

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Armstrong & Associates: 3PL Case Study

Do you have an ecommerce business or offer a subscription service? The Saddle Creek Integrated Logistics Strategy Shows Positive Results Case Study was conducted by Armstrong and Associates to examine the details of logistics services provided to clients, from giants like Proctor & Gamble to rising stars like ipsy.

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Learn how subscription boxes work: ipsy is an online beauty community that was built around a product called the “Glam Bag.” Each month, subscribers receive a Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products.

See the details behind-the-scenes: Learn how ipsy delivers almost a half million Glam Bags per month, including synchronized delivery in the US and Canada that corresponds to ipsy’s media events.

Learn about committed capacity: See how this approach will better utilize fleet assets and lower operating costs, while maintaining 99% on-time delivery performance.

Success in the the consumer goods industry is highly dependent upon well-coordinated logistics. Reliable and timely shipping of your products is at the core of your company – for both traditional retail and subscription boxes. Download the Integrated Logistics Strategy Shows Positive Results Case Study today to see how the right logistics can help you expand your company.

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Start-Up Application Story:Start-Up Application Story: AriZona Beverages USA (Food & Beverage)

A transition of operations can be a daunting task. Whether you’re opening a new facility, moving to a different location, or changing 3PL providers, a smooth start-up is critical.

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When you are selling food and beverage products on a huge scale to customers that demand quick deliveries, a start-up of new operations is even more difficult. AriZona Beverages USA faced these problems when looking to open a new facility in California.

Download this start-up application case study to learn how a 3PL was able to facilitate AriZona Beverages’ West Coast start-up. See how a logistics company developed a solution, found a location that met the company’s requirements for a facility in California, and created a transition plan for AriZona Beverages within a remarkably tight, 30-day timeframe.

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Talking Rain Case Study

Seattle-based beverage company TalkingRain has been in business since 1987, but recently saw a 3500% annual sales increase in 3 years. Why?

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Flavored, carbonated water has recently become hugely popular. When faced with sudden explosive growth in the market for their flavored, carbonated water, Sparkling ICE®, TalkingRain turned to a 3PL to support their company’s expansion to a national footprint.

Download this case study to learn how TalkingRain was able to partner with a logistics company in developing a new network that improved inventory visibility, supported postponement strategies, and streamlined its supply chain, all in less than 6 months.

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