Our Culture sets us apart.

How have we gone from a small family-owned business to a thriving nationwide leader in logistics?

Our people.

You and people like you – passionate, smart, hard-working – are going to take Saddle Creek to the next level. We recognize great work. We reward excellence. And we have a heck of a good time working together.

At Saddle Creek, Safety comes first. We have a detailed set of protocols that follow all the guidelines set forth by the CDC and local governments. We work hard to maintain a safe environment for our associates as they work to keep our operations running and fulfilling the needs of American families.

Our nationwide footprint employs everyone from hourly warehouse workers, to truck drivers, to certified six sigma black-belt engineers. Whatever your skillset or experience, your contributions are valued.

Our associates make a difference every day to our clients, to our business, and to each other. You can make a difference too.

Every single one of our jobs is critically important. We understand what excellent customer service is and how to work together effectively. We know what to do every day and we respect and appreciate every single person’s contribution. Somebody else didn’t build this business – Saddle Creek associates did.
– David Lyons, late Founder of Saddle Creek

The Advantages
to Being a Part of the Saddle Creek Family

  • We’re a stable company that’s grown every year since our founding in 1966.
  • Achievements and successes are celebrated. In addition to regular compensation, cookouts, celebrations, and associate appreciation and recognition are part of life at Saddle Creek.
  • We have loyal, long-term clients who appreciate us, and are constantly expanding in new markets.
  • We share our family values and believe in fostering teamwork, collaboration and respect for all.