Keon Singleton

Inventory Lead

“There’s always room to grow and new possibilities. If you work hard and are patient, you will be rewarded.”
Keon Singleton

“When I first started working here, I never imagined I’d like it so much and stay so long, but there’s a great group of people here,” Keon Singleton explains. “I built a career at Saddle Creek, and I intend to keep growing with the company.”

Keon was looking for a full-time job when a friend recommended Saddle Creek Logistics Services in the spring of 2013. He started working at the Jolliet, Ill., facility as a line picker through a temporary agency. He trained to become a Forklift Operator and joined the company full-time that fall.

Keon began by loading trucks for outbound loads, then moved to receiving inbound products. When business growth led to an opening for an Inventory Associate five years later, he jumped at the opportunity.

In this new role, Keon worked on a variety of accounts, handling everything from cleaning products to DIY home supplies to manufacturing grease for heavy machines. His supervisor trained him on inventory control, giving him the skills he needed to be promoted to an Inventory Lead in 2020.

Becoming a Lead has been his biggest accomplishment at Saddle Creek, Keon says.

“It was something new that I had never done before. I wanted to make sure everything was right,” he explains. “I succeeded because of my discipline and dedication and support from my team. People believed in me and trained me on new skills, problem-solving and attention to detail.”

It took Keon about a year to learn how to do a physical inventory.

“I had a supervisor with me for a year, but this year I was able to do it on my own,” he says proudly.

Keon says Saddle Creek’s company culture makes all the difference.

“The best part of working here is coming in and feeling at home – working with people that smile and care about you,” Keon says. “This is a great environment. They really respect all the associates.”

Keon plans to continue his career path at Saddle Creek and looks forward to becoming a Supervisor.

“There’s always room to grow and new possibilities,” he says. “If you work hard and are patient, you will be rewarded.”

Saddle Creek is a stable, fast-growing logistics company where you can safely perform essential services while building your skills and making a difference in your community. If you’re looking for an opportunity to play a meaningful role with a vital services provider, earn competitive pay and benefits, and be part of a family-oriented company, Saddle Creek is the place for you.