Elvia Lupe Ochoa

Fulfillment Supervisor

“The environment, the people, and the leaders that I work with have been awesome. That makes it really special here.”
Elvia Lupe Ochoa

Elvia Lupe Ochoa always gives 100 percent in her job as Fulfillment Supervisor at Saddle Creek Logistics Services in Fort Worth, Texas. She knows firsthand that her hard work will pay off.

Lupe joined Saddle Creek in July 2018 as an Inventory Control Lead.

“Every day is different and interesting. It can be challenging at times, but it is manageable,” she says. “I like challenges. Who doesn’t?”

One of Lupe’s biggest challenges was a project that involved creating the bins for a new zone addition. She says completing that project was one of her biggest accomplishments as a Lead. Experiences like that, along with the opportunity to train in different departments, helped her gain the skills she needed to further her career.

In June 2020, Lupe was promoted to Fulfillment Supervisor. In this role, she welcomed a new challenge – running an operation and managing a number of employees on her own.

In recognition of her achievements, Lupe was named Associate of the Month in January and Supervisor of the Month in September 2020.

“That is a huge accomplishment,” she says. “It shows that my effort is noticed and appreciated. That’s why I always come to work and give 100 percent.”

Teamwork is essential, Lupe says – especially since the workload is divided between two shifts.

“It’s crucial to communicate and help each other out, so each shift knows where the other left off and what needs to be done,” she explains. “Good teamwork is the key to making our accounts operate smoothly.”

The corporate culture at Saddle Creek helps to facilitate that process. The personal tone starts at the top. When she first began working at the facility which employs nearly 1,000 associates, Lupe remembers being impressed that Bobby Hays, the Vice President of Distribution, knew her by name. She also had the opportunity to meet CEO Mark Cabrera personally.

“The environment, the people, and the leaders that I work with have been awesome. That makes it really special here,” she says. “I would definitely recommend Saddle Creek to others.”

Saddle Creek is a stable, fast-growing logistics company where you can safely perform essential services while building your skills and making a difference in your community. If you’re looking for an opportunity to play a meaningful role with a vital services provider, earn competitive pay and benefits, and be part of a family-oriented company, Saddle Creek is the place for you.