Corey Brown

Sr. Distribution Supervisor

Corey Brown, Sr. Distribution Supervisor at Saddle Creek Logistics Services, is known for having a giant heart and helping children in need.

His dedication in supporting several children in the Lakeland, Fla., area helps explain why Corey was awarded the 2021 Saddle Creek founders award. Established in honor of company founder David Lyons, the annual Founder’s Award recognizes an associate who not only succeeds in the workplace but also demonstrates a clear commitment to improving the community.

Corey is from Auburndale, Fla., and joined the Saddle Creek team in 1998 as a case picker. Since then, he has had numerous roles, worked multiple shifts, and for a diverse array of clients. He was an especially integral part of Jacksonville and Edwardsville startups. Today, Corey is an experienced logistics professional, managing a team of 16 people, responsible for getting the daily workload together, planning labor and where products are will be placed, and communicating with transportation.

In addition to working at Saddle Creek, Corey is actively involved in helping children in need. Over the last five years, Corey and his wife Daneva have hosted 34 foster children of various backgrounds; ten of those children were infants who came directly from the hospital after they were born. The couple has also legally adopted and welcomed two of those foster children into their family. Four-year-old Asher and his sister, two-year-old Leilani, are officially part of the Brown family.

“My wife and I decided to have another child, after several unsuccessful attempts, we decided to go to adoption. In 2017, we took classes to become foster parents and soon started to welcome foster children to our home. We felt a strong sense of purpose in supporting vulnerable children and will keep doing so,” explains Corey.

Most of the children Corey and Daneva have helped foster come from challenging backgrounds. Along with the five children that are their own, the couple has hosted up to four foster children at once.

Just like our exemplary founder Mr. Lyons, Corey loves to support any charity related to children. He also helps with the North Lakeland Baseball League, carrying on the tradition of his father, who coached him and his brother through high school. He is passionate about baseball and has been coaching children for a total of nine seasons. He also helps with security at Imprint Ministries in Winter Haven, and Daneva helps in the nursery.

In announcing the award, Saddle Creek Senior Manager Chris Bolen points out that Corey truly embodies our founder’s values and beliefs: “He has a deep love for these children. Corey and Daneva have committed many hours and sleepless nights to ensure the children have a warm and caring home.”

Saddle Creek is a stable, fast-growing logistics company where you can safely perform essential services while building your skills and making a difference in your community. If you’re looking for an opportunity to play a meaningful role with a vital services provider, earn competitive pay and benefits, and be part of a family-oriented company, Saddle Creek is the place for you.