Brand Guidelines

Brand Identifiers

The Saddle Creek Signature

The Saddle Creek signature is the centerpiece of our brand identity and represents our competency, reliability and flexibility. It’s imperative that it is used correctly wherever it appears.

The signature consists of our “Agile S” symbol combined with a distinctive logotype. Whenever possible the signature should be used in its primary, horizontal format. On rare occasions, insufficient space or visibility requires the secondary vertical version to be used.

Primary Horizontal Signature

Secondary Vertical Signature

Minimum Size
1.25" Wide*
Minimum Size
.815" Wide*
*Depending on the reproduction method, elements of the signature may become unclear at small sizes. Always size the signature to produce the best result.

The Agile S

It is best to use the complete signature when promoting the brand, however, the Agile S may stand alone on products or apparel if applied tastefully according to the brand guidelines.

NOTE: 2-color and single color variations are available. Always choose the format that gives the best visibility.

The Mottoline

“Whatever It Takes!” is our motto and the driving force behind our customer service philosophy. The mottoline is a single line of text set in DIN Bold Italic, in PMS 356.

Download Logos

Clear space rules

Minimum Clear Space Area

In design, elements such as photographs, graphics, text, and other logos can compete for attention. To allow for maximum visibility, it is important to maintain clear space by eliminating distractions around the signature.

Any background inside the clear space should be free of distracting patterns, textures, typography, or any other graphic elements. If the signature is used directly on a photographic image or illustration, the clear space area must provide good contrast between the background and the identifiers, and be even in tone or texture.

In the examples to the right, clear space is defined by the height of the lower-case “E”.

E = Clear Space

E = Clear Space

Authorized Usage

Proper Use of the Identifiers

The 2-color signature will not reproduce well in all applications. In these cases, it’s necessary to use one of the alternate color formats on this page. Always use the appropriate format that gives the best quality. Some general examples for color usage include:

  • Print Collateral
  • Digital/Video
  • Signage
  • Screen Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Promotional Products
2-Color PNG 2-Color EPS
  • Screen Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Promotional Products
1-Color PNG 1-Color EPS
  • Corporate Documents
  • Fax Cover Sheets
  • Sponsorships (where limited)
Black PNG Black EPS
  • Screen Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Promotional Products
Reverse PNG Reverse EPS

Unauthorized Usage

Improper Use of the Identifiers

Using the identifiers carefully and consistently will enable Saddle Creek to be more quickly recognized wherever they are placed. For that reason, it is required that only approved digital files be used. Never attempt to scan or re-create the identity elements.

The examples shown in this section are incorrect. While it is impossible to illustrate every potential error, these are a few common examples:


Stretch Or Distort


Rotate The Identifiers


Reconfigure The Lookup

Color Palette

The Saddle Creek Palette

Color plays a prominent role to help quickly identify our design system in communications. The colors in these palettes are the only ones that may be used.

Primary Color Palette

The primary color palette consists of the two signature colors. For all two-color printed communication, use this format. Screen tints of these two colors may be used to create distinction between elements.

91C 0M 100Y 26K
R0 G122 B51

100C 8M 11Y 74K
R0 G61 B76

0C 0M 0Y 100K
R0 G0 B0

Secondary Color Palette

The secondary color palette consists of colors that compliment the primary palette. These colors create harmony across branding platforms. Secondary colors should be used carefully to create distinction between elements in full color applications.

NOTE: The colors in this guide have not been evaluated by Pantone, Inc. Please refer to a current color guide for accuracy.

AQUA - PMS 7466 C
91C 0M 30Y 0K
R0 G176 B185

10C 7M 5Y 0K
R217 G217 B214

100C 0M 32Y 30K
R0 G118 B128

0C 50M 93Y 0K
R246 G141 B46


Primary Font Families

Typography is an integral part of creating a distinctive look when promoting Saddle Creek. The selected styles from the DIN and Raleway font families should be used for all professionally-designed communications. Examples for usage include:

  • Web and Digital
  • Video and Broadcast
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Full-Color Printed Communications

Din Font Family


NOTE: The DIN font type must be downloaded and installed manually in order to utilize the font correctly.

Download Font

Secondary Font Family

For internal communications and documents, the alternate font family Calibri should be used. Examples for usage include:

  • Email Text & Signatures
  • Letter/Envelope Text
  • Facsimiles & Memos
  • Invoices

Calibri Font Family


NOTE: Calibri is pre-installed on most computers and does not require a license for usage. This also ensures that email senders and recipients will be able to view a consistent font.


Photography Style

Photography is an important part of Saddle Creek’s identity to help make an emotional connection to the brand. Photos should suggest a vibrant, thriving company and a sense of strength, efficiency, quickness and safety.

NOTE: You must request access to view Saddle Creek’s image library. Please do so at the link below.

Access Library