How to Get the Most from Your 3PL RFP

Have you ever conducted a search for a third-party provider and been disappointed by a slew of responses that come up short or were entirely off the mark? A poorly constructed request for proposal (RFP) could be to blame. Before you start your next search for a 3PL, give careful thought to how you frame up your RFP. Wondering how

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Can Value-Added Services Give Your Business a Competitive Edge?

“Not adding value is the same as taking it away.” This observation by entrepreneur Seth Godin is particularly relevant in today’s logistics environment. Companies must continuously seek out better ways to deliver the optimal customer experience to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Value-added logistics services can be a valuable competitive differentiator. In recent years, capabilities have expanded beyond display building

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Attention to Solution Design Pays Off

Process improvement is widely recognized as an effective method for cost control. In fact, 70 percent of respondents in Logistics Management’s “Annual Warehouse and Distribution Center Operations Survey” say that they improved warehouse processes in order to lower operating costs in 2016. But what if you had the right processes in place from the outset? You’d control costs, save time

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What to Look for in a Secondary Packaging Provider

Secondary packaging plays an integral role in the supply chain. It allows companies to customize products to meet customer demands, protect products during shipping, promote product features, advertise discounts and cross-promotional offers, display products at the point of purchase, and more. Recognizing its critical role, many companies choose to outsource their secondary packaging to a partner with the resources and

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Value-Added Packaging Solutions Address Common Pain Points

Struggling to balance dramatic peaks and valleys in sales volume? Looking for creative ways to meet customer demand? Striving to keep improving performance? Many companies find that outsourcing value-added packaging services can help to address these common challenges. For nearly two decades, a leading beauty products company has looked to Saddle Creek for holiday gift-pack assembly. Each year, the 3PL

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Third-Party Packaging Solutions Help Wrap Up the Holidays

From gift-sets to specialty packs to gift wrapping, seasonal packaging plays a critical role in fulfillment.  You must be ready to accommodate seasonal fluctuations, increase efficiency and present a consistently professional image – all while keeping costs under control. That’s no small feat. 5 Ways a 3PL Can Help Improve Your Seasonal Packaging To get it right for Holiday 2016,

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Packaging Sized to Suit Your Unique Needs

Faced with packaging needs that are high-volume? High-velocity? Labor intensive? We’ve got you covered. We specialize in customizing our value-added services to meet your specific business goals – from improving inventory control to better managing costs to accommodating changing needs. We leverage our extensive packaging capabilities to tailor a solution to fit your particular requirements. You’ll enjoy the advantages of

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