5 Ways Your 3PL Can Help You Meet E-commerce Challenges

Ecommerce sales are growing at double-digit rates in the U.S. and expected to reach $632 billion by 2020, according to Business Insider. That growth poses unique supply chain challenges. Sound all too familiar? A 3PL can help, Saddle Creek’s Perry Belcastro, vice president of fulfillment services, explains in the latest issue of Inbound Logistics. Following is an excerpt from the

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How Can a Fulfillment Provider Help You Handle Business Fluctuations?

Dramatic peaks and valleys in order volume can be challenging to accommodate. Whether they’re caused by unpredictable forecasting or seasonal promotions, this variability is difficult to plan for in terms of space and staffing requirements. If you handle your own fulfillment, you always need to have enough space and staff available to handle your highest potential order volume because you

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How to Get the Most from Your 3PL RFP

Have you ever conducted a search for a third-party provider and been disappointed by a slew of responses that come up short or were entirely off the mark? A poorly constructed request for proposal (RFP) could be to blame. Before you start your next search for a 3PL, give careful thought to how you frame up your RFP. Wondering how

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How Will You Handle a 3x Increase in Online Sales?

Online and non-store sales are projected to triple the year-over-year growth rate for the entire retail industry in 2017, the National Retail Federation predicts. The new sales environment is one marked by constant evolution, a high level of competition and cautious consumers. What does this mean for your business? Today’s sales environment calls for an unprecedented level of flexibility and

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How Can Using a 3PL Improve My Customer Satisfaction?

Eighty-six percent of shippers say that using a 3PL helps improve customer service, according to the 2017 Third-Party Logistics Study. With that high level of confidence, it’s clear that a third-party logistics provider must offer a number of advantages, but what are they? 5 Reasons Why Customers Like Your 3PL Here is a closer look at some of the top

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What is the Real Cost of a Bad 3PL?

If your 3PL is performing poorly, the impact goes beyond headaches and sleepless nights. A subpar 3PL can take a real toll on your business and your bottom line. Near-Term Cost Impact It doesn’t take long for a 3PL’s poor performance to put a dent in your budget, warns Tom Patterson, Saddle Creek’s Senior Vice President of Warehouse Operations. Inventory

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