allheart Finds Fast, Accurate & Cost-Effective Fulfillment

As America’s Medical Superstore, allheart carries everything from scrubs to shoes to stethoscopes. With a growing business, the company needed a full-service, custom fulfillment solution. The company turned to Saddle Creek Logistics Services.

Full-Service Solution Helps Ecommerce Company Deliver

From engraved stethoscopes to embroidered lab coats, delivering personalized items in a timely fashion sets allheart apart. Saddle Creek has the flexibility to keep up with spikes in customer demand – particularly around peak gift-giving times like the holidays, back-to-school and graduation.

Moving allheart’s distribution facility to Fort Worth, Texas, offered advantages to inbound sourcing, improved speed to market, and reduced costs. Saddle Creek also implemented an order management system (OMS) which integrates with allheart’s proprietary ERP and feeds into the 3PL’s warehouse management system (WMS).

With advantages like these, Saddle Creek has helped allheart to get orders out quickly, reduce costs, provide customized products and keep up with spikes in customer demand.

“In my mind, what set Saddle Creek apart was their technology, their flexibility, and their ability to design a process for my business,” says allheart CEO Richard Pope. Today, he leaves the warehousing, fulfillment and customer service to the experts and focuses on what he does best – running his growing business.

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