5 Ways Your 3PL Can Help You Meet E-commerce Challenges

Ecommerce sales are growing at double-digit rates in the U.S. and expected to reach $632 billion by 2020, according to Business Insider. That growth poses unique supply chain challenges.

Sound all too familiar? A 3PL can help, Saddle Creek’s Perry Belcastro, vice president of fulfillment services, explains in the latest issue of Inbound Logistics.

Following is an excerpt from the article . . .

Want to Solve Ecommerce Challenges? Try Outsourcing.

If you’ve just launched your e-commerce channel or are striving to make that channel more seamless, scalable, and cost-effective, an experienced 3PL can be a valuable resource. Here are five common e-commerce challenges that a 3PL can help address.

1. Facilitate smooth start-ups.Change is the only constant in e-commerce…full article.

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