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Since 1966, our associates have grown Saddle Creek Logistics from a small family-owned business into one of the country’s top 100 3PLs by treating each other with respect, working together to succeed, and sharing a “Whatever it Takes” attitude. If you’re talented, dedicated, and committed to excellence, we’ve created a dynamic and supportive corporate culture in which you can excel. Join us

BLOG POST Humann Gears Up for Growth

In 2018, Humann had just three products – and big plans to help people realize their potential through the power of better blood flow.

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BLOG POST Secrets to Successful Logistics Outsourcing

With ecommerce and the growing complexity of today’s supply chains, many companies are seeking the support of a third-party logistics…

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BLOG POST Picking up the Pace for Returns Processing

Saddle Creek has helped KURU to process returns more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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BLOG POST Keeping Pace with Demand for KURU Footwear

KURU Footwear experienced steady, organic growth of roughly 10 to 15% every year for over a decade. But since the…

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BLOG POST What Can You Do About Rising Fulfillment Costs?

Rising costs are impacting order fulfillment operations. To control costs, retailers and brands should start by optimizing available resources and taking a strategic approach to parcel management.

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