Creek Notes

CNG: Finding the Right Fit

POSTED: Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Today, many leading-edge companies are supporting their corporate sustainability initiatives by transitioning to fleets that utilize compressed natural gas (CNG). This eco-friendly fuel is one of the cleanest-burning alternative fuels available with near-zero emissions.

 When deciding if a CNG fleet is the right option for your freight needs, there are a number of variables to consider:

  • Effective applications. CNG fleets are being used increasingly for private and dedicated fleets. Since they can haul the same payload as a diesel tractor, CNG trucks can handle a wide variety of products — from beverages to building products.
  • Length of haul. A CNG fleet can be an effective green option for companies with delivery needs within a 250-mile radius.
  • Investment in equipment. CNG tractors are significantly more expensive than comparable diesel models. Many companies forego this expense by outsourcing to a third-party provider with a CNG fleet.
  • Availability of fuel. While more stations are being built around the country, fuel for CNG trucks is not yet readily available in many states. Contracting with a third-party partner can be a cost-effective alternative to constructing a multi-million dollar fueling station.
To learn more, download Saddle Creek’s whitepaper: Leveraging CNG to Support Corporate Sustainability Goals.