DC Network Optimization
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Get the Most from Your Distribution Network

Today, more and more companies are finding value in optimizing their distribution network. By taking a strategic approach to network configuration, they are improving service levels, better managing their inventory and reducing transportation costs.

The latest report from Chicago Consulting identifies the 10 Best Warehouse Networks – pinpointing locations that get Chicago consulting mapOur locations (green) are well-aligned with the top 6-node network (gold).companies to market fastest. Saddle Creek's network of shared-space campuses is remarkably well aligned with these networks.

Whether you need a B-to-B DC or B-to-C e-fulfillment, we can guide you through the complex process of network optimization and develop a strategic network that gives your company a competitive edge.

WP Network-cover-webLearn more about maximizing your network in our new whitepaper: "Optimizing Distribution Networks for Competitive Advantage."

See how Saddle Creek played a key role in configuring the distribution network for a branded beverage company. Learn more. 

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