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Experience the Value of Integrated Logistics

At Saddle Creek Logistics Services, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive integrated logistics solutions. In addition to our flexible warehousing and transportation capabilities, we offer convenient value-added services – light manufacturing, packaging, e-fulfillment, cross-docking and more. Leverage these services for a custom, single-source logistics solution. The result? You'll be able to streamline operations, accommodate business fluctuations, and control supply chain costs.

CNG Fleet

Looking for a new way to support your corporate sustainability initiatives? Our new fleet of compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks will make your deliveries in Florida and Georgia while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Support sustainability programs. Saddle Creek’s new trucks run on CNG, one of the cleanest-burning alternative fuel options available with near-zero emissions. They can play an integral role in your corporate sustainability program with advantages like:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Stable costs
  • Significantly quieter
  • Safer to use
  • Non-interruptible fuel source
  • Domestic fuel supply

Reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly, these vehicles are ideal for a variety of transportation needs – pool distribution, retail store deliveries, vendor inbound to DC and more.

To learn more, download our CNG flyer.

  • Our Integrated Advantage
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Imagine the convenience of having a single point of contact for all your logistics needs. To streamline your supply chain, tap our full range of 3rd party logistics services — warehousing, transportation, packaging, fulfillment and more.

Our integrated solutions are tailored to meet your specific business goals to give you a competitive edge. Let us help you to:

  • Increase speed to market
  • Accommodate fluctuations
  • Control supply chain costs
  • Improve service to customers
  • Focus on core competency

Learn more about our integrated logistics services.